Thank You for the Mew-sic!

Nora, the piano-playing cat!

She's sleek, a bit of a prima donna, a natural in photos and, of course, a dab hand at the keyboard. No, not the latest glamorous French pianist, but a three-year-old tabby cat called Nora. Her keyboard skills might not trouble virtuoso pianists, but videos of her performances have been causing quite a stir on YouTube!

Pennsylvania-based artist and piano teacher Betsy Alexander adopted Nora as a kitten, but it wasn't until she was a year old that her talent for the piano emerged. Nora particularly enjoys playing duets with Betsy's students, and it was one of those students who first suggest posting a video of Nora online.

Despite the flurry of media attention that followed, Nora dislikes leaving home and won't be appearing in concert anytime soon. She prefers to keep on top of her mousehold chores, and to practice on her own piano. Luckily for us practice makes purr-fect, and you can see Nora in action yourself by visiting her website.

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