On this page you will find a number of my favourite piano-related websites. Whether you play, listen or are just curious, I hope you will enjoy them. If you have your own favourite website that you would like to share, please contact me and I will include it below.

European Piano Teachers Association
The European Piano Teachers Association has a presence in almost every European country. EPTA promotes excellence in piano teaching and performance, bringing teachers and performers together to raise standards within the profession.
Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music
With over one hundred years’ experience, the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music is the world's leading music examining board. Over half a million people take their music exams each year, in more than ninety countries around the world.
King & Son Piano Tuning
Brian King and his son Shaun have looked after my instruments for over a decade. Working all over Gloucestershire they tune, repair and recondition every make of piano, and offer an excellent advisory service if you are thinking of buying an instrument.
Pianoforte Tuners' Association
The Pianoforte Tuners' Association website will help you to find a qualified local piano tuner, and offers helpful guidance on tuning and servicing fees. The Association also provides information on buying and selling pianos, and caring for your instrument.
Association of Blind Piano Tuners
The website of the Association of Blind Piano Tuners claims to be the ‘home of the UK piano industry’, and they may well be right! It has a vast array of fascinating information on the history of the instrument, piano manufacturers and much, much more.
Where can you find Victor Borge, Stephen Hough, Lang Lang and Oscar Levant all in one place? YouTube, of course! With everyone from enthusiastic amateurs to the world’s finest concert pianists on show, you’ll be bursting with inspiration in no time at all.
Piano Street
The Piano Street website receives over five thousand visitors a day. It's no wonder when for less than £3 a month you can download thousands of high quality scores and manuscripts, graded by difficulty. New pieces and recordings are added each month.
Making Music Fun
Making Music Fun is one of the best sources of piano music for children on the internet, and completely free to use. The choice of carefully chosen scores and recordings is constantly expanding, and they have some great games and activities to enjoy too.
G Major Music Theory
A large selection of well-known pieces arranged for children, from complete beginners to those who have been playing for up to two years. All of the pieces are free to download, and each has been recorded to help you choose which you’d like to play.
Easy Sheet Music
Non-members can download three free pieces a day; members pay £7.50 a year. You’ll find Boogie Woogie and Blues, original pieces in film score style, famous opera arias, popular classics and national songs from around the world. Hava nagila!
Sight-Reading Practice
An excellent new website that allows you to sight-read notes in both the treble and bass clefs, and play the corresponding notes on a full-size piano keyboard. You can also set the level of difficulty you want, to focus on specific key signatures and note ranges.
Mission to Magmanon
Younger pianists can brush up on their sight-reading skills with Mission to Magmanon, a fun online game. The inhabitants of the planet Toness communicate entirely through music; players must use the piano keys to rescue trapped alien scientists!
Creating Music
Three fun listening games for children to play, perhaps with a little help from Mum and Dad! Two of the games ask you to spot changes to melodies, some of which you get to compose yourself, and the third asks you to create and recall short rhythms.
Cheltenham Festival of Performing Arts
The first Cheltenham Festival of Performing Arts was held in 1926, the year of the General Strike, and is still going strong over eighty years later! The piano classes cater for every age and ability, but if you aren’t tempted to enter do go along and watch!
Cheltenham Town Hall
Cheltenham Town Hall and Pittville Pump Room host an enormous range of concerts each year, including live music of every description. Don't miss your chance to hear the brightest and best pianists from the UK and abroad, right here in Gloucestershire.
Cheltenham Music Society
Cheltenham Music Society presents chamber music concerts by some of the finest ensembles, instrumentalists and singers performing today. Their programmes feature a diverse range of music each season, including works by contemporary composers.
Cheltenham Music Festival
Cheltenham Music Festival is one of the oldest music festivals in Britain, offering some 150 hours of music to almost 16,000 people each year. It is renowned as a patron of exciting new works, and regularly brings some of the world’s finest pianists to the county.
Chipping Campden Music Festival
Chipping Campden Music Festival offers yet another opportunity to hear world-class musicians perform locally. The festival is committed to music education, and offers workshops, activity days and generously subsidised concert tickets to young musicians.

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