Choosing a Piano

Choosing a digital pianoIf you don’t already have a piano, choosing one should be a fun experience that the whole family can get involved in. However, until you’ve tried your hand at playing for a little while I don’t recommend spending too much money! A second-hand piano will be fine at first, as long as the action is in good working order and the strings are all present.

It’s always sensible to take a piano tuner with you, to check over any instrument that you’re considering buying. But you might also want to explore the option of renting: for a small monthly fee, you can enjoy the use of a very nice instrument. Plus, rental charges are often deducted from the purchase price should you decide to keep it at a later date.

Finally, there are digital pianos and keyboards. Both have their advantages: they require no tuning or maintenance, are easy to move from place to place and have lots of 'bells and whistles' that you can have fun with (sometimes literally!). They are also often very reasonably priced, though neither can truly capture the touch or tone of an acoustic piano.