Piano lessons for adultsWe all know what conventional wisdom has to say about old dogs and new tricks, and adults often tell me that they wish they had learnt to play the piano when they were younger. My response to that is to start now! Wisdom is rarely granted to the young, and every day I work with adults who are ignoring the urgings of their aching bones and learning to play. And to their delight, they are succeeding!

The physical and mental benefits of playing the piano are well documented. Children may be suppler, but with the right support adult learners can make striking progress. In fact they often have advantages over children, grasping concepts quickly and drawing on their intellect and experiences. Older learners also have self-motivation and patience, learning for no greater reward than the simple joy of making music.

Few people realise just how easy it is to take the first step. So when you look up from your busy schedule in two years time and say "I wish I’d learnt to play the piano", just think... if you’d started the last time you said that, you’d be able to play really well by now. Give me the adult and I’ll give you the pianist: my oldest student didn't start until he was well into his seventies so really, it’s never too late!